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Health care

  • Restructure benefit programs to better reflect current financial circumstances at MSU, in mid-Michigan, and across higher education
    • Recognize the need for high-quality, cost effective health coverage, funded by employer and employee contributions, that addresses serious events and preventative care
    • Better incorporate national best practices in evidence-based medicine and health information systems
    • Bring design and eligibility for funded post-retirement health care in line with appropriate local and national peer groups
    • Integrate with MSU programs and practices where cost and quality are favorable
    • Align incentives to better assure that employees, health providers and insurers all are incentivized to improve long-term health, while constraining cost
      • Consumer-based health care options
      • On-site employer-provided clinics
      • Employ health promotion and prevention options
    • Trend toward individual responsibility for healthy behavior
    • Trend toward controlled and predictable institutional rates of cost increases
    • Reassess current budgeting techniques for fringe benefits

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Specific design principles will guide our thinking in key focus areas for change