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Student enrollment

  • Overall stable enrollment
  • Sustain a talented, inclusive undergraduate student body
    • Reflective of Michigan’s population and economic mix
    • Non-resident proportion to reflect peers
    • Increased prominence of financial aid
      • Expanding need-based programs targeted to both high and moderate need students
      • Promoting geographic diversity
    • Comparable matriculation rates, time to degree calculations, and achievements of peer institutions
    • Educational outcomes and placement rates comparable by discipline to peer institutions
  • Graduate students
    • Incremental growth over time (Master’s, PhD)
      • High quality and exemplary rate of placement
      • Scaled to increasing research activity
      • High quality revenue generating professional masters’ programs, other certificate and post-baccalaureate programs
  • Graduate professional students
    • Anticipated growth as a result of fully populated programs in West and Southeast Michigan

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