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Principles for shaping the future

The task before Michigan State is to evaluate everything we do, not from the perspective of what can be cut, but from the perspective of what the university must do. We must shape our activities to support our priorities, guided by Boldness by Design and our existing strategic commitments, which are

  • hold constant to our core values and identity;
  • base priorities on anticipated societal needs, significant intellectual issues, and academic strengths;
  • build upon MSU’s experience and reputation as an international university;
  • remain competitive on key reputational measures; and
  • maintain or attain productivity measures comparable to or better than peers.

We will consider changes over the next two to three years within the context of a set of design principles. These design principles are a synthesis of our ongoing planning elements and discussion. As such, they are a work in progress. In general, we will

  • reaffirm the priority of our academic mission;
  • focus on issues with the most potential for addressing existing and long-term circumstances;
  • use our existing practices and policies, including consultation within colleges and academic governance, to formulate and discuss changes; and
  • reinforce the use of evidence-based planning and decision making.

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Specific design principles will guide our thinking in key focus areas for change