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  • Increase expectation for research quality and productivity across the university
  • Leverage performance across areas ranging from emerging to mature disciplines, assessing current as well as future contributions
  • Facilitate the growth of interdisciplinary research agendas integrating social/behavioral and physical/biological disciplines
  • As a comprehensive, international, research university built on land-grant traditions, continue to strengthen the liberal core in arts, humanities, social sciences while focusing on areas of traditional strength, opportunity, and need including:
    • Plant science
    • High energy & nuclear physics
    • Health/life sciences(basic/translational)
    • Food safety and security
    • Public humanities and creative arts
    • Energy/energy storage
    • Environmental sciences
    • Complex materials
    • Education and pedagogy
  • Policies and practice aligned to achieve sustainable external research funding model incorporating:
    • Faculty incentives
    • Research initiation expenses
    • Facilities investments and assignments
    • In-kind contributions
    • Support of graduate students
  • Seek annual increases in federal, foundation and corporate research grant activity in dollars and rates of change sufficient to close gap with peer institutions
  • Sustain administrative oversight while reducing regulatory costs

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Specific design principles will guide our thinking in key focus areas for change